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The aim at our Adelaide Physio clinic is to get you better as quickly as possible with hands-on Physio treatment, remedial massage, dry needling & Pilates classes – work injuries, sports physio, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, pregnancy, posture pains, postoperative physio,  post-surgical rehab and more. Our blog aims to educate and inform you about physiotherapy and news about all of the areas we treat and have an interest in.

This Adelaide Physio blog aims to provide you with some interesting information about an extensive variety of physio topics.  Learn more about conditions treated, anatomy, exercises, physio treatments and more.

At City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we treat muscle/joints/tendon/ligament/nerve/disc/soft tissues/spine/bursa/bones – stiffness, aches, pains, strains, tears, bulges, fractures & inflammation.

Our highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapists all hold university degrees from major Australian Universities.  Our remedial massage therapist holds a diploma of remedial massage.

We treat athletes to everyday men and women and children at City Physiotherapy –   Teenagers, office workers, weekend warriors, couch sitters, gym goers, walkers, runners, sports people & seniors.


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  • Trigger Finger

    11 February 2018

    Trigger Finger Trigger finger is a condition that makes straightening a particular finger difficult and often painful. The condition involves the tendon of the respective finger to become thickened which makes it difficult for the tendon to pass through a sheath. A tendon sheath is a small cylindrical structure that the tendon passes through which […] Tags: finger, finger pain, fingers, trigger finger

  • Deep Breathing

    9 February 2018

    Deep Breathing is good for you. I’m always telling my patients to take deep breaths, whether it’s to relieve pain, to help with stress and tension or to help perform a mindfulness STOP practice. So what is deep breathing and what isn’t? Why is it important? Deep breathing engages your diaphragm muscles to increase core […] Tags: breathing, deep breath, deep breathing, diaphragm, diaphragmatic breathing, how to breathe, parasympathetic nervous system, vagus nerve


    5 February 2018

    WEIGHT TRAINING INJURIES Improper weight-training techniques can lead to weight training injuries.  The most common areas to be injured are the back, shoulders, and knees. Back Injuries Back sprains and strains most commonly result from improper lifting technique when performing exercises such as bench presses, deadlifts, and rows.  Sprains involve stretching of ligaments while strains […] Tags: back, back injury, gym, gym injury, knee, knee inj, knee injury, knees, shoulder, shoulder injury, sports injury, weight lifting, weight training

  • Top 4 symptoms your stiff neck may be causing

    5 January 2018

    Your stiff neck might be causing you a variety of symptoms other than neck pain. These can include one or more of the following: Headaches Arm Pain Pins & needles in your arm &/or hand Face, Jaw or Sinus Pain Headaches – Headaches are a very common symptom of neck stiffness. The upper neck joints […] Tags: Arm Pain, headaches, Jaw Pain, neck, neck headache, Neck Stiffness, Nerve Pain, Numbness, Pins and Needles, stiff neck

  • Stretching Tips for your Holidays

    14 December 2017

    STRETCHES & TIPS FOR YOUR HOLIDAYS City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Adelaide Long periods of standing at Christmas functions & parties, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, bent over wrapping presents or hours shopping for the perfect gift can all give you back pain, neck pain, headaches or sore muscles and joints. City […] Tags: Back Pain, Back Pain Treatment, neck pain, Stretches, Stretching

  • Foot – Plantar fasciitis

    4 October 2017

    Foot Plantar Fasciitis Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the piece of connective tissue that runs from the heel to the base of the toes. If you have plantar fasciitis you will most likely be experiencing a burning pain on the arch of the foot during running and jumping or when you pull your toes […] Tags: foot, foot pain adelaide, pain, pf, plantar fascia, plantar fascia pain, plantar fascia treatment, plantar fasciitis, plantar fasciitis treatment, tissue

  • Ankle

    4 October 2017

    Ankle Ankle Sprains The ankle is one of the most commonly injured joints in the body due to its heavy involvement in changing direction when running. The most often injured ligament in the ankle is the ATFL, or anterior talo-fibular ligament which joins the talus to the fibular on the outside and front of the […] Tags: achilles tendon, Ankle, Ankle Sprain, inflammation, pain, sprain, sprained ankle, tendonitis

  • Shin

    4 October 2017

    Shin Shin Splints Shin Splints is the name given to a condition known as medial tibial stress syndrome. Most commonly seen in runners or people from team sports, it involves pain on the inside of the lower leg but above the ankle. This pain will often be felt at the beginning and end of a […] Tags: compartment syndrome, leg, lower leg, Shin, splints

  • Knee

    4 October 2017

    Knee The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) connects your thigh bone to your shin bone and helps to control forwards and rotational movements of your shin on your thigh bone. It is called the cruciate ligament, not because it is crucial to the knee, but because it forms a cross with […] Tags: acl, anterior cruciate ligament, knee, knee cap, Lateral Collateral Ligament, lcl, mcl, medial Collateral Ligaments, Meniscus, patella tendon, patella tendonitis, Patellofemoral

  • Groin

    4 October 2017

    Groin Osteitis Pubis Osteitis Pubis is an overuse injury that leads to persistent groin pain most commonly seen in athletes involved in sports such as football, rugby, athletics, hockey, marathon runners and soccer. The cause of the injury is most often thought to be from instability/poor control of the lumbosacral region which leads to shearing […] Tags: athletes, groin, groin pain, groin strain, Osteitis Pubis, pain, Pubic Symphysis, sports

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