Hands-On Physiotherapy

Why we do hands-on physiotherapy?

At City Physiotherapy Adelaide, your hands-on physiotherapist will utilise a comprehensive range of individual treatments to restore your physical function, health, and wellness. We will enhance your physical wellbeing and body movement to have you feeling better than ever before.

Every person is different, and every person’s symptoms may respond to different physiotherapy treatments and that is why at City Physiotherapy your treatment will be personalised, including all hands-on physiotherapy and exercise solutions.


Hands-on Physiotherapy - Hamstring Treatment


What is included in the session?

During the course of your physiotherapy consultations, your physiotherapist will discuss the history of your core problem or injury and may ask you to perform certain movements as part of your physical examination. Your physiotherapist is highly skilled at palpation of your joints, muscles, nerves and connective tissue in order to assess the best course of treatment for your aches, pains and current symptoms.

You will be provided with individual, hands-on rehab physiotherapy treatment solutions that will guide you towards a fast recovery. Our aim is to partner with you to make you feel better and to help you stay that way.

What manual treatment techniques do our professionals utilise?

Our team is made up of the best hands-on physios, health and wellness professionals in Adelaide. We use a variety of manual treatment techniques together with cutting-edge physio treatment strategies, education and self-management advice including:

  • Hands-on/manual physiotherapy for stiff joints and tight muscles
  • Soft tissue, trigger point & deep tissue hands-on physio treatment
  • Stretching and muscle release
  • Dry needling physio (western acupuncture)
  • Joint mobilisation & manipulation
  • Remedial massage/physio massage therapy
  • Trapped/pinched nerve pain physio treatment
  • Anti-inflammatory physio treatment
  • Strapping/sports taping
  • Bracing & splints
  • Pilates & core physio stability exercise classes and rehabilitation
  • Postural correction and endurance muscle training
  • Mindfulness and stress reduction techniques
  • Pain management
  • Post-surgery physio and sports injury rehab physio
  • Tendon rehab
  • Individual gym & clinical Pilates – reformer, trapeze & magic circle
  • Functional exercise rehabilitation and training
  • Hot and/or cold packs & electrotherapy
  • Running physio & sports physiotherapy enhancement – AFL/Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Swimming, Dance, Netball, Cricket, Tennis, Athletics, Cycling & more
Back Pain Adelaide - Lower Back Massage

About us

Your physiotherapist may use our on-site gymnasium or our Goodlife Adelaide CBD treatment facilities for your recovery. Some of the exercises will be performed initially with your physiotherapist before making them a part of your routine for recovery. We might recommend attending a class or give you a self-management program to do at home.

If required, your physiotherapist may also refer you for x-rays, diagnostic ultrasound scans, cortisone injections or digital MRIs. We may also discuss ways in which you may reduce inflammation in your body through medication or natural supplements. We will work closely with other health providers, GPs and specialists to assist in reducing your pain consistently and comprehensively. Our primary focus is using hands-on treatment to get you back to feeling great in your work, rest and play.


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