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Have you injured your Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)?

ACL Physio AdelaideA Sports Physiotherapy program for your ACL tear prior to your surgery will give you improved knee strength and post surgery outcomes.

At City Physiotherapy Adelaide your Sports Physio will help ensure you get the best outcome from your ACL reconstruction.

Your pre-surgery Physio rehab and post ACL reconstruction rehab includes:

  • Reduction of swelling and pain
  • Increasing your joint range of motion
  • Strengthening muscles
  • Balance training
  • Hopping, jumping and landing training
  • Prevention of other injuries and limiting secondary issues in your ankle and hip

Should I get an ACL reconstruction?

ACL Physio AdelaideAt City Physio Adelaide your Sports Physio can assist you to make an informed decision by considering what you injured and what you want to achieve after your rehabilitation.

Some questions your Sports Physio in Adelaide may ask are:

  • Does your knee buckle or give way when you try to support your weight? If it does give way, especially after you have started your Sports Physio ACL rehabilitation, then you may achieve a better outcome with ACL surgery.
  • Which sports or activities do you want to continue participating in? ACL Surgery is more often recommended if you want to return to sports that involve twisting and cutting movements such as AFL Football, Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Rugby, Skiing and Touch football.
  • Is your meniscus intact or torn? If you have a combined meniscus tear with an ACL injury you may have a higher rate of knee arthritis later in life. Your Sports Physio in Adelaide will recommend you discuss this with your orthopedic surgeon.
  • City Physiotherapy Sports Physio in Adelaide considers ACL rehabilitation as a primary treatment option for young adults. Recent research suggests that active young adults with ACL injuries had no significant differences between those patients who underwent immediate ACL reconstructive surgery followed by rehabilitation, or those patients who had undertaken a sports Physio rehab program first, then surgery anywhere up to 12 months later.

Sports Physio Rehabilitation after ACL Repair?

Just because you have had ACL surgery reconstruction does not mean you don’t have to do Physio rehab. Undergoing rehab is important to build up your strength and coordination and to prevent re injury from occurring.

There is no time limit for ACL reconstruction Physio rehab after surgery. Although we use general guidelines, rehab should progress based on how well you perform when your sports Physio tests your strength, coordination, balance, hopping, agility and fitness.

For the first 2-3 months, sports physiotherapy is quite intense. You may need to have weekly Sports Physio to assist your progress.

City Physio Sports Physiotherapists recommend that you have a minimum of monthly reviews for 12-18 months after your ACL reconstruction. Our Sports Physiotherapists will help keep your rehab progress on track so that you meet your goals and do not reinjure yourself.

When can I return to sport after my ACL reconstruction?

ACL Physio AdelaideReturning to play sport should be based on when you can safely perform a range of physical tests that your sports physiotherapist at city Physio in Adelaide will undertake. In addition, you should feel confident in the strength of your reconstructed knee. You should also be able to perform drills and skills that are specific to your sport or physical activity. Your sports Physiotherapist will help you identify where your physical performance could be improved.

Can I reinjure myself after an ACL reconstruction?

Yes there is an increased risk in rupturing your repaired ACL when you return to sport. There is also an increased risk of injuring your non-injured ACL. These risks are reduced if you undertake the full sports Physiotherapy rehabilitation program over a period between 12-18 months.

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