Do you have nagging lower back pain?
Are you injury prone, feel stiff and tight and/or suffer aches and pains?
Do you struggle with motivation to do exercises independently?
Pilates doesn’t sound like your thing? Maybe treatment only works for a week or two?

If this sounds like you, we have just the answer!

Who can benefit from the Back Pain Rehabilitation and Core Strength?

Back Pain and Core Physio rehab is for anyone who suffers from low back pain, spinal pain, has a lumbar disc injury, weak core muscles, poor lumbo-pelvic stability, glutes that are weak or don’t recruit and activate when they are supposed to, sacroiliac joint pain, poor posture, back muscle pain and strains, hip or groin injuries or anyone with knee pain.

Through a series of exercises and stretches we will be targeting your problematic tight muscles such as hip flexors and back muscles, strengthening commonly weak muscles such as your gluteal muscles, learn how to activate your core stabilising muscles as well as working on improving the mobility of your hips and spine in your lumbo-pelvic region. Rehab will also improve your functional movement patterns, improve your biomechanics and improve your body awareness and proprioception.

Back Pain Rehabilitation and Core Physio Rehab – How will it help me?

You can stop your cycle of pain with the help of our back pain and core physio rehab. We know that many of our patients suffer from back pain or other problems due to abnormal movement patterns. Rehab will help us to help you tackle the underlying cause of your pain by helping you to re-train your body to move in the way it was designed to move and stop any detrimental movement habits that have led to your pain.

As part of your back pain treatment at City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, your physiotherapist will teach you certain exercises to optimally complement your hands on physio treatment. Being supervised will help you to remember ‘how’ to properly perform your individual programme rehab exercises. This is a safe way to add controlled movement and exercise to your life.

We offer 1:1 sessions with our Back Pain Physiotherapist to ensure that the back pain rehab exercises are specifically tailored to suit your needs. All 1:1 sessions are claimable under your physiotherapy extra’s cover.

Remember if you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results.

Appointments are usually claimable under your private health insurance physiotherapy extras cover under the code T560 *see individual health funds for detailsBookings are essential through our friendly reception.

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