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Why choose City Physiotherapy for your remedial massage?

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Neck Massage

Remedial Massage Adelaide – Our lives are becoming busier and busier and we often leave ourselves last on the list. It is usually factors such as work-related stress, prolonged hours sitting behind your desk, not being as active as we’d like to be as well as sports injuries that leave us feeling sore and tight in our muscles. Remedial massage therapy can help alleviate your aches and pains as a result of those factors.


30 Minutes $58

60 Minutes $90

*Health Fund Rebates under Natural Therapies in your Private Health Insurance.

Our patients choose our Remedial Massage Adelaide because of the relief they feel from the therapeutic effects of our remedial massage treatment. Our remedial massage therapist has the knowledge and experience to provide you with a focused and highly effective remedial massage treatment leaving you feeling so much better.

Maybe you need to soothe the shoulder you sprained hitting that serve a little too hard or your sore neck from being at the computer desk too long or perhaps you simply feel like doing something for yourself because you’ve overworked or stressed. Whether you’re after a remedial massage or a relaxing massage our Remedial Massage therapists can tailor a treatment perfectly suited to your needs.

Or if you’re looking for something for a loved one, why not treat them with one of our gift vouchers?

City Physio’s own highly qualified & experienced remedial massage therapist, Serena Florio  will and work over your muscular problem areas with attention to detail and help smooth out any tight bands and trigger points (which are lumps and knots) that can occur from stress, overuse, poor posture or sleeping habits, sports injuries and work-related issues.

 City Physiotherapy’s therapist in remedial massage Adelaide may use a variety of techniques on your muscles such as sports massage, remedial massage, trigger point therapy, muscle stretching, myofascial release & cupping, soft tissue release, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage as well as neuromuscular dry needling. His special interests are remedial massage treatment of chronic pain, headaches, back/neck/shoulder pain, sports injuries, sports massage therapy incorporating foam rolling as well as general relaxation massage and therapeutic massage.

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Remedial Massage benefits

The benefits of massage are not a secret. For centuries the soothing techniques of massage have been used for relieving stress and improving general relaxation. But remedial massage also has many physiological benefits, including increased fitness levels and faster recovery from sports injuries and sprains.

Remedial massage helps you by improving your circulation by stimulation of your blood supply- this allows toxins in your muscles to be removed. Relaxing your muscles improves joint mobility. Massage also decreases your bodies cortisol levels which can lead to improved sleep, a general sense of well-being, decreased blood pressure and heart rate. Remedial massage also improves your overall flexibility through the lengthening of your muscle fibres.

Remedial Massage Adelaide
Back Massage

Additional benefits of remedial massage are a lower respiratory rate and blood pressure readings as well as a lower pain threshold as well as an increase in your muscles and joint range of movement.

Serena, our remedial massage therapist originates from Italy. She has a bachelor degree in Exercise and Sports Science as well as a Diploma in Remedial Massage. Serena has extensive remedial massage and sports massage therapist experience, both in the clinic, on the sports field and with seniors.

Serena is a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AMT). Our remedial massage treatment can be gentle or firm on your muscles – you just need to let them know your preference. City Physio’s remedial massage, sports massage and other massage therapies are performed at our Adelaide City Goodlife Physio clinic, located at 81 King William Street, Adelaide. Our massage treatment is claimable in your private health Insurance *see health funds for details. City Physiotherapy offers 1/2 and full hour remedial massage therapy treatments.

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