Adelaide Physio 1:1 Dynamic Core Stability or Rehabilitation exercise

After an initial consultation with a physiotherapist, you may be referred to our 1:1 pilates or 1:1 rehabilitation exercise sessions. Our physiotherapists will write a specific tailored exercise program using pilates and other gym equipment. A 1:1 class will be conducted by the physiotherapist to ensure the exercises are being carried out correctly, and then a determination will be made if the patient is safe to continue the programme unsupervised in our gym facilities.

The programme will be monitored from time to time to upgrade exercises and reassess the patients ability. All initial, follow up, and 1:1 sessions may be claimable under private health insurance cover. Please check your cover to confirm, or speak to our friendly reception with any questions.

Cost of unsupervised Pilates studio equipment use

Casual Gym / Pilates studio visit $16.50 per session


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