Dry Needling FAQs


What is Dry Needling Physio?

Dry needling Physio is a form of treatment that City Physiotherapy Adelaide uses for reducing your pain and areas that are inflamed. We use acupuncture needles to treat your pain, muscle tension, injury and dysfunction.

How does Dry Needling Physio work?

Dry Needling is usually used to target painful trigger points in muscles. The penetration of the dry needling needle causes a micro-trauma that increases blood flow and alters the chemical balance in the muscle, assisting with muscle relaxation and healing.

The stimulation of pain receptors also causes the body to release opioids (e.g. endorphins). These are natural pain relievers in your brain. Their release provides further pain relief to you.

How is Dry Needling Physio different to Acupuncture?

Acupuncture generally refers to the traditional Chinese medicine which is based on stimulating the flow of Chi (energy) through the meridians of the body, whereas Dry Needling Physio is based on anatomical and neuro-physiological principles. While the dry needles are the same and many of the ideas behind acupuncture are still applicable, the principles behind the use of Dry Needling are very different.

Often people may use the term acupuncture when referring to Dry Needling so if you have had acupuncture in the past it could have been Dry Needling Physiotherapy.

Is Dry Needling Physiotherapy safe?

Dry Needling Physio is very safe. There are certain factors that may make you unsuitable for Dry Needling or that require extra care to be taken (e.g. Diabetes) but your Dry Needling Physio at City Physiotherapy will consider these. All dry needling needles are sterile and used once before being disposed of safely.

Will Dry Needling Physio Hurt?

One of the great advantages of Dry Needling Physiotherapy over deep tissue massage for muscle release is that there is generally less pain both during and after Dry Needling Physiotherapy treatment.

Most people don’t feel the insertion of the dry needle. When the dry needling needle penetrates the trigger point, you may feel an initial twitch or deep ache that quickly settles to become a light dull ache, warmth, heaviness or nothing at all. This is much better than the constant feeling associated with the firm massage that would be required to achieve the equal effect.

After Dry Needling Physio treatment there is often no or little soreness. Sometimes you may feel slightly tight, sore or an ache for a short time (up to 1-2 days). This again is invariably much less that than felt after massage and soft tissues techniques.

Highly Skilled Dry Needling Physiotherapists

All of our Physiotherapists at City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic are highly trained in advanced neuromuscular dry needling physio treatment. Our physiotherapy clinic is also a primary world class education facility for the teaching of Dry Needling Physiotherapy to other physiotherapists, GP’S medical specialists and podiatrists. Our education in Dry Needling Physio is Australian physiotherapy association accredited. You can rest assured that you are getting the very best in Dry Needling Physio treatment in Adelaide when you consult one of our physiotherapists here at City Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic.

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