Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Physio in the Adelaide CBD

During pregnancy and after giving birth, women will experience numerous symptoms that can be alleviated by treatment and exercise. Pregnancy physiotherapy is perfectly safe and can be an effective way of keeping your pregnancy-related aches and pains to a minimum.

This kind of physiotherapy can also help to improve your mobility, making for a much smoother pregnancy and labour.  With the changes to the body during pregnancy, you may be experiencing different levels of aches and pain. These complaints may stem from: 

  • changes to hormones
  • altered posture
  • displaced centre of gravity
  • having to sleep on your side all night
  • position of your growing baby
  • stretching of ligaments



Common issues encountered during pregnancy can include low back pain, sciatica, sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, pelvic floor weakness, and incontinence. These problems are due to the forward shift in posture associated with weight gain and hormones produced by pregnancy.   Some of these complaints may continue, as well as the development of diastasis recti (separation of the superficial abdominal muscles). Although women’s health and fitness are a priority during pregnancy, the benefit of experienced physio treatment is often underutilised. Eliminate pain and stress today, try pre and postnatal physiotherapy. Getting help with your body is crucial in prenatal and post-delivery.  

How can physio help you during your pregnancy? 

Throughout your pregnancy, you may feel nauseous, irritable, or downright exhausted. These are the joys of being pregnant for many. However, there are many problems that City Physio can help you with. Oftentimes, we see women for pregnancy-related issues including: 

  • lower back pain 
  • pelvic floor 
  • round ligament pain 
  • pelvic pain  
  • core strength 
  • carpal tunnel 
  • neck and shoulder pain 
  • upper back pain/stiffness
  • headaches
  • posture pain or worries 

Prenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy assists with the above problems through mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, and stretching and strengthening exercises. These techniques include massage, assisted stretching, pelvic floor exercises and correctional exercises. Education regarding movement patterns and support braces may also be helpful so you can continue functioning well with the baby.  Participation in gentle physical activity has also been found to have positive benefits for your pregnancy and for you. Your physiotherapist may recommend supervised therapeutic exercise for your pregnancy or postnatal period crafted just for you.

Once an initial exercise assessment has been taken and your program has been established, a supervised exercise class may be recommended. This class is usually based on low-impact strength exercises to aid you in your journey.  Women’s health is important, choose City Physio for improving your recovery after birth. Our physios are skilled in providing you with appropriate home exercises in all the stages of your pregnancy and after birth. We are also trained in classes including specialised postnatal physiotherapy exercises called corrective exercise therapy.

    Exercise and Physiotherapy during Pregnancy

Pregnancy exercise Adelaide 

Our tailored group exercise classes for pre-and postnatal women can assist with these problems through the following methods: 

  • strengthening and stretching exercises 
  • soft tissue techniques 
  • improving your mobility 
  • improving your flexibility 
  • improving your balance 
  • strengthening your core 
  • an overall increase in body strength 
  • stress and tension relief 
  • injury prevention 
  • helping to prepare you for childbirth, early parenthood, and beyond 

At City Physiotherapy, our classes are designed by physiotherapists who have undergone training in pregnancy and postpartum exercises. The classes are tailored to each individual, targeting their particular pain concerns and prevention.  Booking a one on one assessment will allow our physio to evaluate your requirements and consider whether a group format is suitable for you. These include antenatal physio and postnatal pregnancy exercise classes. Bookings are essential via our reception at City Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic.  Physiotherapist-supervised group exercise classes may be claimed by most health insurers under the code T560. 



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