Post-Surgical Physiotherapy Adelaide

Adelaide post-surgical physiotherapySurgery is the first step – completing post surgical Physio rehab will give you the outcome you’re seeking.

The surgery is now completed and it’s time to regain your strength, flexibility, and function with Post-op rehab. Post-surgery you may have been given a few exercises by a Physiotherapist in a hospital or by your surgeon to get you started. However, in order to gain a complete recovery, you will need to undergo some more extensive rehabilitation with post surgical Physio. At City Physiotherapy, we see many patients following their surgeries and help them get back to leading active and pain-free lives. If getting back to sport is your goal we will work with you to achieve your goals with carefully guided rehab exercises and Physiotherapy treatment and management.

Common post surgical Physio patients that we see at City Physiotherapy include

  • SHOULDER: Shoulder reconstruction, stabilisation, rotator cuff repair, fractures, bursal debridement
  • ELBOW: Elbow fractures, tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow release, PIN-nerve release
  • HAND: Wrist & Hand fractures, carpal tunnel release surgery, tendon repairs
  • HIP: Hip replacements, hip labral repairs, hip arthroscopies, Hip fractures
  • KNEE: Knee replacements, ACL and knee ligament reconstruction, arthroscopies, meniscus repairs
  • CALF: Calf, Achilles tendon repairs, fasciotomy
  • ANKLE: Ankle reconstruction, ligament repairs, arthroscopy, fractures, Bunion surgery
  • SPINE: Spine discectomy, micro-discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion/stabilisations

Adelaide post-surgical physiotherapyAt City Physiotherapy Adelaide, our physiotherapists will provide you with individually tailored rehab. We have an on-site rehabilitation gym and Pilates studio and our physiotherapists can also work out a gym programme for you in our Goodlife Gymnasium clinic at 81 King William Street.

Our Physiotherapists can provide pre-operative physio as well as post-operative treatment to minimise your pain. Our post-operative physio care will also give you strategies to prevent future injuries being sustained. You don’t need a Dr’s referral to start postoperative physiotherapy rehab. However, we can correspond with your surgeon and GP about your progress and management.

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