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Therapeutic Exercise & Dynamic Core Stability Adelaide

There is a lot of confusion out there as to where to turn for safe and effective therapeutic exercise, especially if you have been injured.  Physiotherapists have the qualifications, expertise, and knowledge to help you with your recovery from injury or to work on dysfunctional movement patterns that create pain & injury issues.  Physiotherapists are recognised by your private health insurance fund as the go-to treatment & rehabilitation exercise professional.  There has been a big change of what you can claim in terms of exercises classes under your private health insurance cover, with Pilates for maintenance & any classes not supervised by physiotherapists no longer being covered.

At City Physiotherapy we consider your exercise programme as a part of your rehabilitation from either injury or from movement dysfunction and we, therefore, offer supervised therapeutic exercise classes.

Therapeutic Exercise Classes, Core Stability Exercises with Physio’s and Exercise Physio Rehab in Adelaide for back pain, neck pain, posture correction, knee pain, running, fitness, cycling, headache, hip & groin pain, pregnancy, sports & injury rehab, shoulder & upper body strength treatment

Dynamic core stability exercises and therapeutic exercise is a safe & effective way to perform rehabilitation exercise under physiotherapy supervision, it’s suitable for both men and women and is good for all age groups. At City Physio Adelaide, your Physiotherapist is not only experienced but will give you an individual and personalised approach to your Physio rehab including dynamic core stability exercise – No matter what your initial level of fitness is or injury history you start out with, At City Physio we will design an individual exercise program especially tailored for your specific needs.

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Therapeutic Exercise Classes Supervised by Physiotherapists

All of our Therapeutic exercise & Dynamic Core Stability Exercise classes in Adelaide are supervised by qualified Physiotherapists. To ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment you will undergo an initial Physiotherapy Exercise Assessment. During this assessment, we take the time to understand your injury or pain issue and will then design an individualised rehab exercise programme for you that works towards achieving your rehabilitation goals with the aim to achieve pre-injury levels of fitness and addressing any movement pattern dysfunction. The physiotherapist patient partnership is present at all times to ensure that you can reach your goals safely.

In your first individual exercise treatment, we get you reacquainted with your core muscles, teach you the principles of dynamic core stabilisation and how to correctly switch on your deep core muscles. You may think finding and switching on your core will be easy or hard. That’s ok. Your Adelaide Physiotherapist will introduce you to how to use your core muscles in functional everyday ways – this will be different for each person – it could be your posture at work, home, or improving your overall muscle endurance, rehab from injury or improvement in your running, cycling or sporting activity. You might have back pain, neck pain, headache or knee pain, hip pain, groin pain, shoulder pain or another injury. No matter what your goals are or injury is we help you to build your strength, flexibility, balance and muscle endurance.


Adelaide Therapeutic Exercise classes

Your physiotherapist may recommend exercise-based treatment as a part of your overall treatment plan. This may include exercises to restore functional core stability to support your spine.   Your Physio at City Physiotherapy Adelaide will work with you in our gym 1: 1 until they feel you are safe and ready to enter our Physiotherapist supervised gym equipment and therapeutic exercise classes or independent Pilates sessions in our gym.

New to Therapeutic Exercise or Dynamic Core Stability? That’s ok. That is why at City Physiotherapy you will only perform specific exercises as a part of your overall treatment strategy. Our  Physiotherapists will look after you and will guide you from your initial appointment all the way through into a supervised exercise class.

Our Therapeutic exercise classes may use a combination of Gym Equipment, Reformers, mat work, Trapeze table, Wunda Chair, Gym/Swiss balls, Chi balls and magi circle, Theraband, Free Weights & Stretching bands.  Our physiotherapists are there to guide and update you with correct technique and advice as you perform your exercise programme in a group setting. Our Posture Plus+ classes use the principles of dynamic core stability work along with breathing, gluteal and postural muscle toning and whole body flexibility & stretching. This class is great for posture correction, improvement in muscle and joint fitness and for activating postural support musculature, which is especially prevalent in patients who sit at an office desk or computer for much of their day.  The Back pain and core exercise class work on the principles of strengthening your core muscles through functional movement and exercises, gluteal engagement and squatting as well as spinal and hip flexibility. Our Pregnancy exercise class offers the support women need through pregnancy, postnatal period and the various stages of their lives including perimenopause and menopause.  Remember that each class is supervised by our physiotherapists keeping in mind your specific issues and you will work only on exercises that the physiotherapist targets as a treatment for you.

Dynamic Core Stability – what is it?

Dynamic Core Stability is a method of exercise and movement re-education.  The basis of dynamic core stability is about control of your body, its position, and its movement.

Physiotherapists we use this method for therapeutic rehabilitation. We use a variety of equipment, some are spring loaded to help support and guide your movements during the therapeutic exercise classes.

The main focus is to reactivate and strengthen your dormant deep abdominal – your core, trunk, neck and back muscles. The core muscles stabilise your spine. Having a strong core in Physio terms means that you have the foundation for good posture and controlled active movements. In the long term, the aim is to reduce your back pain or neck pain, improve your flexibility and quality of life.

Our Adelaide Physio’s may use the latest technology real-time ultrasound imaging to assist with your learning. Once your Physio has worked with you and you have mastered the initial phase of the core Physio stability training you may then hire our studio equipment within the gym to maintain your newfound muscles at peak performance.

* these independent sessions are not claimable on your private health insurance.

Your physiotherapist will reassess your exercise programme from time to time and this may be upgraded or downgraded for varying reasons. Your Adelaide physiotherapist will work with you one on one to adjust your therapeutic exercises so you are getting the best possible outcome for you.

Therapeutic Exercise classes Adelaide – what are the treatment benefits to you?

  • Improve your flexibility
  • Increase your core strength
  • Tone your buttocks and thighs
  • Tone your arms and shoulders
  • Improve your posture and balance
  • Improve your body awareness
  • Strengthen your back muscles
  • Reduce back pain
  • Reduce neck pain
  • Improve endurance
  • Reduce body fat and lower BMI
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Assist reduction of pregnancy-related back pain
  • Gain energy
  • Correct habitual movement patterns
  • Have fun

What can I expect from Therapeutic Exercise?

Before starting a Therapeutic exercise group class, you will be required to have an individual assessment session with our physiotherapist who will determine to best exercise rehab approach.  The aim of this is to ascertain what your main goals are and to build a safe programme tailored to your individual requirements and your body specifically.

Is Therapeutic Exercise Claimable on my Health Insurance?

Yes all 1:1 Physiotherapy assessments with our Adelaide physiotherapists are claimable under your private extra’s health insurance physiotherapy cover. Most health Insurer’s also cover our Physiotherapist supervised group exercise classes under their extras cover under the code T560.

*see individual health funds for details.

How many 1:1 Therapeutic Exercise sessions will I need with my Physio before I can do a class? 

Your Adelaide Physio will need a few 1:1 sessions to assess your areas of strength or weakness and then to teach you how to properly activate your core muscles. They will then need time to design and teach you your specific programme in the gym. How long this takes is usually anywhere up to 4 individual sessions. It may take some people less time and some people more time and will always be at the discretion of the Physiotherapist. We need to make sure you are safe and ready to enter any class or work safely independently in our gym and exercise studio.  Note that for you to be able to claim under your private physiotherapy extra’s health insurance for therapeutic exercise it is a requirement that you undergo specific 1:1 physiotherapy assessment and therapeutic exercise implementation.  You will also be required to be reassessed from time to time to enable us to modify and update your programme in line with your injury or movement dysfunction.

How much do the Therapeutic Exercise classes cost?

We have a variety of physiotherapist led class options to choose from. All of our exercise based classes are 45 minutes duration. All class format classes are $26 apart from our Posture Plus+ class $22/class (45 min)

*Health Partners, Bupa & Medibank members will benefit from their health fund preferred provider rate for small group physiotherapist supervised classes (T560). Call our reception for details.

Can I do unsupervised Pilates or Exercise once I have my programme?

Yes, you can use our Pilates studio in Adelaide to work through your Pilates programme or an exercise programme by yourself at specific times each day. * These sessions cannot be claimed under your private health insurance.

Cost of unsupervised or individual Pilates sessions

Casual Pilates studio visit $15 per session

Block of 10 Pilates studio sessions $140 (valid for 6 months)

  • These sessions are not claimable on your private health insurance physiotherapy extra’s
  • Must be cleared by our physiotherapist to undertake this option

Physio Group Exercise Times

Time Monday 12.30pm, 4.30pm & 5.15pm Dynamic Core Stability & Rehab Exercise
Tuesday 12pm Dynamic Core Stability & Rehab Exercise 1pm Posture Plus+
Wednesday 12.30pm Dynamic Core Stability & Rehab Exercise
Thursday 12pm Dynamic Core Stability & Rehab Exercise
Friday 12.00pm Dynamic Core Stability & Rehab Exercise
Duration 45 mins – View timetable
Location in the City Physiotherapy Gym & Pilates equipment studio
Bookings essential.



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