Therapy Merchandise

  • Ankle Brace

    Ankle Brace

    Supports the ankle and provides compression during activity and sport.

  • Air Cushion

    Air Cushion

    Improves stability and proprioception of core and lower limb muscles. Great for ankle sprain rehabilitation exercises.

  • Bakballs


    Self treatment tool for mobilising joints and muscles. Easy to use and can be taken to work or for travel.

  • Hot/Cold Packs

    Hot/Cold Packs

    Cold reduces inflammation and controls swelling and internal bleeding following sports injuries. Heat eases aches and pains from tension, spasms and stiffness.

  • Tennis Elbow Brace with Silicon Pad

    Tennis Elbow Brace with Silicon Pad

    Improves joint function and reduces pain during activity.

  • Fit Balls

    Fit Balls

    Improves fitness by toning and strengthening the supporting core and back muscles.

  • Flexall 4oz

    Flexall 4oz

    Effective pain relief cream for muscles & joints.

  • Foam Rollers

    Foam Rollers

    Improves Flexibility of muscles and helps reduce trigger point tenderness.

  • Voltaren Gel

    Voltaren Gel

    Topical anti-inflammatory rub for pain relief and assists with reducing internal swelling in joints, muscles and nerves.

  • Patella Tendon Strap

    Patella Tendon Strap

    Supportive knee strap provides compression and stabilises the knee during activity.

  • Kinesio Tape - per roll

    Kinesio Tape - per roll

    Flexible strapping tape to support the muscles and joints during activity.

  • Sports Tape - per roll

    Sports Tape - per roll

    Rigid strapping tape to support the muscles and joints during activity.

  • Lumbar Roll 'D'

    Lumbar Roll 'D'

    Chair attachment to support the spine during sitting or driving used relieve back pain.

  • Maternity Belt

    Maternity Belt

    Sacroiliac belt used during pregnancy to assist in reducing lower back pain by providing stability and compression of the pelvis.

  • Posture Brace

    Posture Brace

    Supportive and corrective belt worn under clothing to help improve posture.

  • Flexion Control Wrist Brace

    Flexion Control Wrist Brace

    Wrist support provides stability of the joints and protection of the muscles, nerves and tendons. Useful for minor sprains and joint and nerve pain.

  • Wheat Bags - variable sizes for neck and back

    Wheat Bags - variable sizes for neck and back

    Eases muscle aches and pains. Helps to relieve tension and stress. Microwaveable.

  • Chi Ball - assorted scents

    Chi Ball - assorted scents

    Promotes balance and wellbeing and is used to improve muscle stability and control.

  • Orthotics Trio

    Orthotics Trio

    Correction of foot and lower limb biomechanical problems and reduces foot and heel pain.

  • Thera Tubing - per metre

    Thera Tubing - per metre

    Resistive exercise tubing used to increase strength and endurance of the muscles.

  • Thera Band - per metre

    Thera Band - per metre

    Resistive exercise band used to increase strength and endurance of the muscles.

  • Hypofix Tape - per roll

    Hypofix Tape - per roll

    Hypoallergenic Tape often used underneath rigid strapping tape to protect the skin and provide minor support. Can be used to protect minor skin cuts and sores.

  • Spike Ball & Roller

    Spike Ball & Roller

    The spike ball and reflex roller is a self-treatment that massages the skin and muscles using the raised points to release trigger points.

  • ExerTube


    The ExerTube will create just the right amount of resistance for you to use anywhere and anytime! Available in 5 different strengths.

  • Pocket Physio

    Pocket Physio

    A tool to assist with the reduction of tight muscles by identifying and releasing trigger points. Small enough to be used anywhere!

  • GripSox


    GripSox are the first independently clinically trialed non-slip socks! They can be used in our pilates classes to ensure you perform at your best.